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How to avoid full F*** in business? To advertise! But before that, systematize ...

We fall into the heart of sales ➔

Guaranteed increase in company profits by automating business processes and increasing the efficiency of sales managers. Improving the life of small and medium-sized businesses in Europe.


Our clients have improved their key business indicators


Clients are ready to recommend the implementation of CRM to their partners

WeLoveSale — CRM Implementation Agency for Sales, SMBs

CRM-system is suitable for almost any business, regardless of the specifics.

More than 16,000,000 European companies already use CRM in their work.

Business process analysis

The effectiveness of advertising, managers, quality of service, sales reports – all this is necessary for making the right management decisions.

Implementation of CRM

First you have to develop skills in using CRM. And after 2-3 weeks, you and your employees will appreciate all the benefits.

Automation & Integration

The system itself will remind you of missed calls, outstanding tasks, unsent letters and other steps that need to be completed to complete transactions.

Why Choose We❤Sale Agency?

Free consultation

A quick dialogue of about 1 hour, during which we will find weaknesses in your business and voice solutions that can help improve its efficiency.

Comprehensive audit

Analysis of the work of the sales department, business processes in the company in the main areas (marketing, sales, product) and prepare a step-by-step program of changes.

Employee training

One of the most important factors for a successful CRM implementation. We explain the specifics of working with each of the Bitrix24 tools and the principles of administration.

Bonus system

We give gifts and make pleasant surprises to the most active and purposeful clients, with a great desire to improve their business.

Order the implementation of CRM on a turnkey basis in your business

The cost of implementation depends on the selected implementation tariff and the desired functionality of the Bitrix24 CRM product.

1 Week


When buying a commercial Bitrix24 tariff for 6 months

Registration of cloud Bitrix24
Registration of employees
Organizational structure
Help installing applications
Business process automation
Setting up sales funnels

1-2 Weeks

£1630Basic setup of the main Bitrix24 tools
Task for implementation
Setting permissions
Setting up sales funnels (up to 2 pcs)
Setting open lines (up to 2 pcs)
Setting up CRM reports

2-3 Weeks

£2680Deep customization of Bitrix24 tools for your tasks
Task for implementation
Setting permissions
Setting up sales funnels (up to 10 pcs)
Setting open lines (up to 5 pcs.)
Setting up CRM reports (up to 5)
Setting up a CRM form on a website

Want to take your business to the next level?

Learn to delegate and organize your business. Leave a request for a free selection of CRM for your tasks.

Questions and answers on the implementation of the CRM

Implementing a CRM system is a value-adding process that can bring great benefits to any business. Maximize Every Customer Interaction Easily with sales CRM.

The implementation of CRMs requires a great deal of planning upfront.

  1. Be clear about your pain points and goals.
  2. Understand how users work.
  3. Make sure you can customize, personalize and scale for the future.
  4. Vet vendors and ask tough questions.
  5. Choose CRM for implementation.
  6. Roll out in phases.
  7. Provide proper training and support.
  8. Automate processes.

There are numerous benefits of CRM systems but the most obvious is an increase in the efficiency and accuracy of marketing campaigns, sales pitches, and customer service interactions.

A CRM agency is a company that helps businesses get the most out of their CRM platform. In other words, they help you maximize your results with every feature in your CRM software so you can drive more revenue and earn a higher return on investment (ROI).

There are many popular CRM systems available. Each system has its pros and cons; however, the market seems to be shifting toward a few large players who offer comprehensive CRM systems with many useful integrations. We recommend Bitrix24 – free online workspace for your business: CRM, tasks, online meetings, and more:

  • Replaces all your current SaaS solutions
  • Free forever for unlimited users
  • Easy to migrate your data from other systems
  • Integrated with all your favorite services and apps
  • Used, loved, and trusted by 12,000,000+ users worldwide
  • 100% flat fee: predictable costs, no per-user pricing

We can help you select the optimal Bitrix24 subscription plan, and provide you with additional product customization services for the On-Premise version of Bitrix24

On average, a CRM implementation can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 (or possibly more) for a sales team of around 2-10 users.

Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation is the process of centralizing all communications between a company and its customers. This involves a CRM software with features that match your needs. These can include storing customer conversations, tracking leads you want to follow up with, and more.

Rectangle 51
“Introduced and configured CRM in my veterinary clinic, connected telephony, conducted training for employees. Satisfied with the result. Of course, there were many difficulties in the process, but I think such matters simply do not happen...”
— Robert Lane
Ellipse 6
“We installed the Bitrix24 corporate portal in our company. Set up basic functions...”
— Mary Kathn

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