CRM-system for small and medium business

CRM-system – software for customer relationship management. The program provides effective operations with leads, tracks the actions of customers and automates communications.

There are many CPM systems on the market, each with its own set of features, advantages and disadvantages. To help you make an informed choice, WeLoveSale experts compared leading CRM systems by price, features and usability, and shared how a CRM solution can help increase business profitability.
Why a CRM system is a must-have for business
Often, small and medium-sized companies ignore the importance of implementing a CRM system, thereby missing out on opportunities for developing and increasing the profitability of their own business.

CRM systems provide the collection and processing of customer data in one place. With this information, managers can track the journey of buyers, make personalized offers in a timely manner, and shorten the sales cycle by 8-14%.

CRMs monitor the behavior and activities of current customers on the site, in social networks, and then guide them through the sales funnel by sending trigger emails or informing the sales representative about the potential readiness of the client to purchase.

The implementation of a CRM solution helps to determine the interests and preferences of customers, provide them with a personalized experience and launch effective marketing campaigns. According to statistics:

64% of companies consider CPM systems to be effective;

CRM can improve sales forecasting accuracy by 32% and increase sales by 29%;

After integrating CRM marketing, brands see a 47% increase in customer retention and satisfaction.

CRM systems help reduce the impact of the human factor, loss of sales due to excessive workload on managers, and understand why customers leave.
8 key features of CRM: how a digital solution will help your business
According to the Austrian-born American scientist and management theorist Peter Drucker, “the purpose of business is to create and retain a customer.” Every company has been using manual methods to track and communicate with customers for years, but in the 1990s customer relationship management began to take on an automated form.

The first functions of CRM systems were contact management, database marketing, and sales force automation. Today, CRM solutions support multi-team collaboration, develop forecasts to optimize sales, help companies better serve customers and sell products or services more efficiently.

We collected the main functions of CRM solutions:

Lead management. CRM systems help collect information about leads from different channels, as well as correctly count and qualify them. CRM solutions also track the progress of potential customers through the sales funnel and help you choose the best marketing initiatives.

Contact management. Contact management includes collecting information about customers, helps track and save all interactions in an integrated customer profile.

Email management. The feature allows you to schedule email marketing campaigns and send automatic emails to customers on birthdays, for example.

Reporting and analytics help track profitability, customer retention, and the impact of marketing campaigns. This feature also allows you to share data with different teams to make joint decisions.

Marketing. CRM allows you to segment customers, launch marketing campaigns, manage content, and improve the effectiveness of social media marketing.

The document management feature allows you to create and configure access, edit and share files with colleagues or clients directly from the CRM system. To increase security, you can set access and editing rights, and the revision history allows you to revert to previous versions of a file.

Offer management. This feature helps you create and send price lists and commercial offers directly from the CRM platform, review quotes, export them to PDF or Word files, and customize them according to the client’s currency and tax structure.

Forecasting in CRM will allow you to estimate future sales and revenues based on current and past trends, as well as test different scenarios. In addition, this feature will help determine the optimal level of inventory and investment in new channels.
Top CRM systems: which one to choose among ready-made solutions
WeLoveSale agency specialists have collected and analyzed the leading CRM systems on the Ukrainian market: Ispro, Perfectum, Odoo, Creatio, SAP and Zoho. The analysis included five main categories:

manufacturer and supplier;
product properties;
ease of implementation, development and maintenance of the system.

For each CRM platform, an overall score was given on a 5-point scale.
Ukrainian product. Includes accounting tax, personnel and financial accounting, personnel management, transpo mouth, stocks and logistics. The overall rating according to the WeLoveSale agency is 2.96 points, 7th place in the rating.

Clients: SFDS of the Cabinet of Ministers, State Tax Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukrposhta, Ukrgasbank, Ukrsotsbank, Ukrsibbank and other organizations.

advanced functionality for accounting, tax, personnel and financial accounting;
localization in Ukraine;
acceptable price of the extended version and implementation, low cost of maintenance;

Weak sides:
lack of a cloud solution and adaptation for the international market;
limited Low-code / no-code;
mediocre functionality for sales, marketing, customer service and communications;
low level of needs coverage at the start, complexity of integration with other products.

CRM Ispro includes:
maintaining information about existing and potential customers;
planning and maintaining the history of the company’s contacts with the client;
work planning and setting tasks for employees;
control over the execution of orders;
customer performance reports;
quick access to customer data;
call center management.

Conclusion: Ispro is an excellent product for all types of accounting, but weak for use as a full-fledged CRM system.
Ukrainian CRM+ERP solution for customer relationship management in conjunction with company resource planning. The overall rating according to the WeLoveSale agency is 3.81 points, 4th in the ranking.

Clients: DTEK, Autolux, Solarsystem, Justin Delivery Service, Accordbank and other companies.

full localization in Ukraine;
simple installation, affordable self-configuration and implementation;
integration with various services;
functional UI/UX design;
150+ ready-made modules and integrations to expand functionality;
availability of a marketplace;
low cost of the basic package ($45), maintenance and improvements.

Weak sides:
lack of adaptation for the international market;
limited Low-code / no-code;
weak functions of financial, managerial, accounting and tax accounting.

CRM Perfectum includes:
lead management: sales funnel, lead multi-funnel, lead histories, automatic creation of leads from emails;
document flow: commercial offers, invoices, payment history, contracts, price lists and product range;
client management: details and birthdays of clients, history of work with clients;
IP-telephony and integration with Zoom.

Conclusion: Perfectum is a high-quality, easy-to-install and configure CRM system with a democratic price and wide integration options. However, due to weak functionality, it covers only 50% of the needs.
The Belgian developer positions Odoo as a platform that, with simple and fully integrated applications, covers all business needs and fully automates business processes. A comprehensive solution of more than 30 core modules and additional applications includes functions for accounting, inventory, marketing, sales, CRM, invoicing, e-commerce, project management, and so on.

The overall rating according to the WeLoveSale agency is 3.84 points, 3rd place in the rating.

Clients: 5 million users worldwide, of which about 300 thousand large companies, including Toyota, Amazon, WWF and the Qatar Investment Authority.

availability of a marketplace and a mobile application;
high level of functionality of accounting, marketing, business processes, analytics and customer service;
a high level of sales functions, communications with customers and document management;
affordable service price;
high level of integration.

Weak sides:
partial localization for the Ukrainian market, lack of representation and corporate training in Ukraine;
weak desktop application;
limited Low-code / no-code;
high cost of implementation;
difficult to maintain.

CRM Odoo includes:
information about clients in one panel;
real-time reports;
action planner: calls, meetings, mailings, price offers and others;
real-time team messaging to optimize collaboration;
control of calls and sending price offers;
automated contract signing process;
templates for newsletters, social media posts and emails.

Conclusion: Odoo is a user-friendly CRM system with extensive features. Despite the lack of localization in Ukraine, it can be adapted to the needs of the country’s market. It has great potential for improvements in the presence of a competent team. Acceptable pricing policy, but relatively high implementation and development costs.
Creatio is a platform for automating and optimizing business processes, sales and CRM based on low-code/no-code technologies. In 2021, Creatio was recognized as the leader in the ranking of low-code platforms, BPM and CRM solutions G2 Grid Summer 2021, and in 2022 – the leader in the ranking of key CRM players Forrester Wave Core CRM Solutions and the leader in the ranking of CRM developers Forrester Wave CRM Suits.

The overall rating according to WeLoveSale – 3.73 points, 5th month then in the ranking.

Clients: Ukrnet, Ukrtelecom, Bonduelle, Bayer, Lactalis Ukraine, Sandora, Otp Capital, Kärcher, ATB, Rozetka, Intertop, Prince Vienna Insurance Group, AmTech International, Multiplex Holding, Bukovel, Delta Medical and other companies.

full localization and presence of a representative office in Ukraine, adaptation for the international market;
high-quality corporate training;
mobile applications for iOS and Android;
complete Low-code / no-code;
availability of a marketplace;
powerful functionality of sales, marketing, business processes, analytics, customer service and communications with them;
low maintenance cost;
affordable upgrade price.

Weak sides:
inefficient desktop application;
weak functionality of accounting, production management and workflow;
high price of a starter package with limited functionality ($360);
high cost of the package for covering basic needs ($1200) and the maximum package ($4200).

CRM Creatio includes:
a single database of customers and a complete history of interactions;
advanced analytics on the effectiveness of sales, marketing, service, operational processes;
sales planner by regions, managers, directions and other indicators based on customer data;
analysis of compliance with the terms of payment and deliveries, real-time reporting;
forecasting and analysis tools;
built-in sales funnel°.

Conclusion: CRM Creatio is a flexible, efficient CRM product with a high price and limited functionality at minimum wages. Relatively weak accounting capabilities require refinement or integration with other products.
CRM SAP is a product of the German company of the same name with a worldwide reputation and wide functionality. Covers most of the needs and is highly valued in the international market. The overall rating according to the WeLoveSale agency is 3.96 points, 2nd place in the rating.

Clients: More than 100,000 companies in more than 130 countries, including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Audi, Burger King, Hitachi, Unilever, Toyota Daihatsu, Vodafone, Siemens, LAVAZZA, Kodak, Dell Technologies and Bosch.

representation and localization in Ukraine, full adaptation to the international market;
availability of a cloud solution and a marketplace;
full Low-code and no-code;
effective functionality for accounting, management, analytics and customer service;
covers most needs;
ease of development and maintenance, wide possibilities of integration with other solutions.

Weak sides:
mediocre mobile and desktop application;
high cost of closing basic and maximum needs ($900 and $1900), extremely high implementation cost ($10,000–30,000);
complex implementation process.

CRM and CX SAP includes:
a complete portfolio of products for sales, accounting and customer service, marketing and e-commerce;
intelligent personalization of customers, which increases their loyalty and stimulates sales;
multi-channel solutions for B2B and B2C segments, multi-brands and companies of wide geography on a single platform;
intelligent solutions for identifying and managing customer data, attracting and retaining them, as well as automating sales;
solutions for omnichannel interaction with customers based on a convenient marketing platform;
solutions for service support and contact center.

Conclusion: wide functionality covers most needs. Simple and flexible in modifications, adapted to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market. The main drawback is the high cost, which is nevertheless compensated by the capabilities of the product.
Representatives of the brand with Indian roots and registration in the Netherlands claim that more than 150,000 users around the world have trusted the Zoho CRM system. In 2019, the American computer magazine PC Magazine awarded Zoho CRM with the “Business Choice Awards 2019” in the “Best CRM Software” category, and Crunchbase platform Business News Daily named the solution the “Best CRM System of the Year”. The overall rating according to the WeLoveSale agency is 3.69 points, 6th in the ranking.

Clients: Philips, Whirlpool, Renault, Hyundai, Siemens, L’oreal, Levi’s, Netflix, Suzuki, Amazon India, Hyatt, Stanford University, Meizu and other companies.

Low-code and no-code;
effective functionality of sales, communications, customer service, financial, managerial and tax accounting;
moderate price for starting at minimum wages ($100), covering basic needs ($350) and implementation ($500–2000);
ease of maintenance;
wide possibilities of integration with other solutions.

Weak sides:
lack of representation and localization in Ukraine;
limited functionality of accounting and warehouse accounting;
mediocre analytics, business process organization and marketing capabilities;
limited coverage of needs at the start.

Zoho CRM includes:
sales automation functions;
real-time analysis tools that track key performance indicators, current trends, and create forecasts;
multi-channel interaction by phone, e-mail, in chats and social networks;
notice real-time insights into customer interactions with the company;
campaign performance analytics;
artificial intelligence system – a virtual sales assistant.

Conclusion: an effective and multifunctional product at a reasonable price, but not adapted to the Ukrainian market. Weakly closes accounting and tax accounting.
Turnkey CRM system: why you should order from the WeLoveSale agency
WeLoveSale CRM implementation agency specialists for sales and small business departments have experience in implementing and refining complex CRM systems. 82% of the agency’s clients note an improvement in key business indicators, and more than 100 customers are ready to recommend the implementation of CRM solutions to their partners.

We guarantee an increase in profits by automating business processes and increasing the efficiency of sales managers. At the stage of preparation for the implementation of the CRM platform, we analyze key business indicators: the effectiveness of promotional activities, the work of managers, the quality of service, documentation and sales reports. We audit the processes in the sales department, analyze the communication system in the company, check the reporting and control system.

We set up sales funnels, leads, contacts, unify and automate business processes, such as signing contracts, commercial offers, e-mail, IP telephony, SMS services. We integrate payment services, CRM forms and widgets into the website. We set up the company structure, access rights and reporting system.

The cost of implementing CRM on a turnkey basis depends on the chosen tariff and the required functionality. Up to $1680 with in-depth tool customization for your needs.

Do you want to take your business to the next level, automate routine processes, increase profits and increase the efficiency of managers? Entrust the implementation of the CRM system to the WeLoveSale agency! Write to us for a free consultation.

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