Sales automation: what are the benefits of CRM for business?

A successful company can only be called a company that sells a lot and makes good money. If you want to increase sales and profits, you need to optimize and automate business processes. And the best way to do this is to implement a CRM system.

The implementation of the platform does not mean at all that a complex process awaits you and you need special knowledge. Of course, work in CRM is built differently than in Excel, and the service will have to be studied, but the game is worth the candle.

Why do we need CRM business automation systems?

Business automation involves the transfer of some or all of the actions necessary for the sale of goods and services under the control of a special platform. As a result, the quality of the product and company management improves, employees begin to work more productively, and sales increase.

CRM automation of business processes is needed primarily to speed up work, save managers time on processing applications and eliminate errors, manifestations of the “human factor”.

With CRM, you do not need to check your mail every 5 minutes to receive an order – the request automatically enters the program, and the service sends a notification to the responsible manager. Thus, the employee can call the buyer back immediately, and you will not lose the client.

What tasks does CRM automation solve:

  • organization of accounting and control;
  • preparation of documents, including accounting;
  • quick receipt of reports for any period;
  • optimization of personnel costs;
  • increasing the efficiency of the use of working time;
  • secure data storage;
  • improving the quality of customer service.

Automation helps to control large volumes of information and process it faster, increases business transparency, contributes to the coordinated work of employees and the solution of several tasks at the same time.

CRM Automation System: 7 Key Business Benefits

Getting rid of routine duties and simplifying work. Managers no longer have to manually send out letters, update databases, create documents of the same type, and maintain spreadsheets in Excel. The time employees would spend on these tasks can be used for other tasks.

Storage of all contacts and history of relationships with customers. All calls, messages and letters received from the site, social networks, instant messengers, online chats, etc. get into CRM. You can easily track leads and never lose leads. The system will quickly respond to a client request and send a notification to the manager. Also, the employee will receive reminders at each stage of the transaction, so he will not forget to call, send a presentation or offer an additional product or service.

Reducing the number of errors. You will forget about the “human factor” and all the mistakes that are associated with it. No more manually entered incorrect client details and forgotten cases as a result of missing contact stickers or important notes. CRM business automation helps prevent the loss of not only customers and profits but also important information when an employee is fired, goes on vacation or sick leave.

Shortening the transaction cycle. At each stage, the manager will receive reminders of what needs to be done. By completing task after task, the employee will move faster toward closing the deal.
Supervision of the work of managers. The manager will be able to view correspondence with customers, listen to recordings of telephone conversations, track the movement of the buyer through the funnel and, in general, control how the employee works with clients.
Statistics are always at hand. At any time, you can see the indicators you are interested in, find out how they affect the business, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the work.

Data collection, reporting and analysis. The system will provide you with any report: on leads, sales volumes, sales funnel, etc. Studying the data allows you to find weaknesses in a timely manner, to understand at what stage customers refuse to buy, and where managers do not finalize.
Of course, the CRM system will not replace the manager and will not be able to sell on its own, but it will greatly facilitate the work of the employee and help him perform his duties more efficiently.

For example, selling goods in an online store involves receiving an application from the buyer, clarifying the details of the order by the manager, receiving payment and sending the product. All these actions, up to sending a message about the shipment of goods to the warehouse, can be automated and thereby simplify and speed up the ordering process.

Another point: the platform will not be able to remake a bad sales funnel, but it will show weak points (at what stage of the transaction the manager gets rejected, which of the employees does not know how to work with customer objections, how many leads were lost, etc.). The study of this information will help eliminate gaps, optimize the funnel and adjust the work of managers, which will definitely have a beneficial effect on the further result of the work of the department and the company as a whole.

CRM automation – simplify work and increase sales

Business automation systems (CRM) help improve the work of managers, and increase sales, including repeat nye, as well as faster closing deals. If the standard actions in the service are not enough, you can always configure additional functions.

After automating business processes, the CRM system will receive applications from the site, assign tasks to the responsible person, issue invoices for payment, send a message to the buyer about the status of the order, and also track the expiration date of the contract to remind the employee of the need to renew the document.

To get more information about business automation, call us, write to the chat or leave a request on the website.

What can and should be automated?

Filling out documents. For effective work, you need to create templates once and put labels in them, and then the program will independently enter data on clients and transactions.

Making deals. If the manager has already worked with a particular customer, the system will place an order and send a notification to the employee with a reminder about the call to the customer.

Setting goals. In order not to forget anything at each stage of the funnel, you should set up CRM so that it reminds employees of tasks (call, send a file, issue an invoice, etc.). For example, if the manager did not get through to the customer and set the status to “dial-back”, the system will automatically create the task “call back in 2 hours”. To get a reminder of an important moment, you can link to any date (client’s birthday, contract expiration date, date of last contact with the customer, etc.).

Change the document and any field. To get information about missing data at each stage of the funnel, you can set up the required fields. This feature allows you to reduce the number of errors by suggesting what information needs to be entered into the program. You can also set the field to change automatically each time you move to the next stage of the deal.

Events that change the status of a trade. CRM Bitrix24 allows you to automatically move an order through the funnel, taking into account the actions of the client (a receipt of a letter, reading, message in a chat, call back, re-visiting the site, etc.). For example, after reading the letter from the customer, the system itself transfers the transaction to the stage “the client received the contract”. This feature helps the manager to quickly respond to the event and work more efficiently. In particular, the employee can call the client back immediately after he reads the contract.

Distribution of letters and messages. The program itself will send documents to the client’s mail, inform him about the status of the order, and also remind him in advance of the date and time of the scheduled service (for example, making an appointment for a procedure or training).

Application capture. If you integrate CRM with mail, telephony, social networks and the website, the service will begin to collect all applications, create contacts for each and distribute them among managers according to the specified parameters.

Cost calculation and billing. The program will automatically calculate the amount of the order and send the invoice to the customer.

Reports. The program collects data, takes into account various indicators and compiles reports based on them. Thus, you can display the rating of managers, see how the sales department worked for a certain period, find out which customers bring the most profit and which business areas are unprofitable.

That is, with the help of a CRM system, you can automate workflows, keep records of customers and sales, consolidate reports and increase income.

But only the platform itself does not guarantee high results and an endless queue of customers. It is not able to turn a lazy worker into a productive one, it will not give you a report if all the data in the program is missing, and it will not remind you of an upcoming important event if the corresponding task is not set.

For this reason, one implementation of CRM will not be enough. To grow sales and profits, you need to clearly understand the purpose of implementing the service, as well as be able to work with it.

If you want to experience all the benefits of business process automation, order the implementation of CRM in the Welovesale studio. Give us a call or leave a request on the website and get a free consultation from our specialist.

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